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Stallman Studio


Canvas on Edge was born out of the magnetic interplay of two. In numerology, two is a balancing force, representing grace and power, a cooperative feminine energy that brings peace and harmony to a relationship or situation.


This yin-yang alchemy is at the center of our collaborative relationship: from two minds, two hearts and two visions, a unique art form emerges. From the combination of two basic materials, used in an innovative way, a new body of work comes to life.


Curiosity, intention and improvisation drives our process. We begin by painting and cutting canvas into colorful strips, then arranging them into a layered color palette inspired by patterns and shapes found in nature. The movement of energy attracts our eye: light sparkling on the surface of water, a snowcapped mountain transitioning from red to blue as the sun sets, heat waves shimmering above the desert floor. Dynamic geometric patterns, mandalas and cellular structures, also catch our attention. We envision the piece in our mind’s eye, then allow the canvas strips to guide us as we sculpt, staying open to linear detours and surprising pops of color. Each piece becomes a co-creation between artist and materials.


The third element that brings the piece fully to life is the viewer. We love watching as the person interacts with and discovers the piece. As they move and shift their perspective, new colors emerge and lines transform, igniting curiosity and wonder. That moment of “awe” brings us so much joy. 

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