Jim Rennert

Jim Rennert

For the last 5 years my work has focused on my past experiences in the competitive world of business. Mixing the traditional medium of bronze and contemporary forms of flat laser cut steel, I have illustrated themes and concepts of every day work life. Integrated into the various pieces are suits, ladders, briefcases, and forms representing buildings, all of which are iconic visual representations of business. The title works together with the visual image to illustrate the experience, sometimes physical, sometimes psychological.

I have used sports and other physical activities as a metaphor to express the daily struggles and achievements of the contemporary businessman. I try to emphasize movement in the figures as well as some of the forms by paying particular attention to their placement in relation to each other as well as on the supporting base. This presents a strong element of design in each work.

Initially I had hoped to have depicted popular culture's ideas on achievement and success in an ironic and humorous fashion. However, over the past year, the work has taken on a more serious tone as I illustrate more about the thoughts and ideas we all deal with in our contemporary society. The work has evolved into developing a consistent character and creating an environment in which the interaction between the two, brings in the viewer. This approach seems to allow the audience an opportunity to relate to the work in a very personal manner. While not everyone wears a suit, I feel the themes transcend to the everyman- Jim Rennert

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